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Holmium Lasers

Sigmacon offers a range of surgical Lasers from the brand Lumenis. Lumenis holmium Lasers can be used for several types of urological procedures.

Holmium lasers are multi-disciplinary lasers with applications across multiple branches of medicine. Holmium lasers are used in urologic surgery for enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) and are one of a range of urological products available from Sigmacon.

As a highly specialist piece of surgical equipment, there are a small number of holmium laser manufacturers worldwide. Lumenis are the holmium laser manufacturer offered by Sigmacon to customers across the UK and Ireland.

Before the cost of a holmium laser machine can be determined, it's important to speak to a holmium laser solution specialist. Email or call the holmium laser solutions specialists at Sigmacon to get the cost of the right holmium laser to suit your application.

With 12% decrease in operative time and 33% increase in treatment efficiency, #MOSESTech outperformed an industry standard holmium laser during mini and ultra-mini #PCNL, with no significant differences in clinical outcomes. Get the results>> @JUrology

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