Valon TT 577nm Multispot Laser

Valon TT 577nm Multispot Laser

The Future of Photocoagulation is Here

Superior care for busy clinics

  • Unsurpassed accessability for wheelchairs and patient chairs
  • 577nm laser, preferred by many retina specialists.
  • Laser console, electronics and computer integrated into a functional and simple design
  • Compatible with a wide range of slit lamps
  • Excellent optics
  • Steplessly adjustable table height for better work ergonomy
  • Foot switch integrated into the laser console

A Complete Control of Variables Ensure Safety and Ease of Use



Smart Wheel
Our easy to use Smart Wheel controller makes operating the Valon laser fast and simple. It can be used to set the most frequently adjusted parameters such as laser power, pattern size and rotation without the necessity to view the monitor. This option significantly reduces treatment time and increases the focusing capability.


Clear and Informative Touch Screen
The simple touch screen provides fast overview of settings and pattern selection. All parameters are clearly marked with easy access to the Standby/Ready-modes at the top of the screen. The display also shows different automatic reminders built in the system to ensure safe treatment.


Information Projection on the Retina – Valon Patented Feature Ensures Fast and Safe Treatments
A unique feature patented by Valon ensures that there is no need to take your eyes off the oculars during the treatment. The system projects all customary settings such as laser power, pattern selection, size and rotation on the retina.

A Wide Range of Safety Features

Restricted pattern size
Safe pattern delivery within the safety zone
Fluence calculation combined with spot size control
Time savings & security
Pattern for macular grid with safety settings
Better patient focusing and easy guidelines for phycisian
Outline projection of patterns
Visibility of tissue to be treated and spot intensity immediately after delivery
Restricted total time of pattern delivery
All patterns delivered within the reaction time of patient

Technical Specifications

The Valon Laser Table Top version consists of the wheelchair-accessible table with laser console, computer and electronics of the device integrated to the table. The slit lamp (CSO SL 9900 or Haag-Streit BQ ) and monitor with touch screen are installed on the table. The table has wheels on one side. The foot switch is connected to the laser console.

LaserOPSL 577 nm
Power3000 mW, restricted to 2000 mW
Pulse duration10 – 650 ms
Spot sizes50 µm, 100 µm, 200 µm, 300 µm and 400 µm
Aiming beam635 nm, adjustable brightness. Pattern projected as spot or outline
PatternsSquare, Circle, Arc, Sector, Line, Spot (repetition)
User interface15″ Touch screen and Smart Wheel
SlitlampCSO SL 9900, Haag-Streit BQ
Electric230 V 50 Hz (Voltage options for different countries are available)

Valon TT Dimensions:
Net Weight: 138 kg
Gross Weight: 208 kg




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