Seiler Evolution Zoom Microscope

Our eyes are one of the most fragile organs in our body. When they require surgery, it is a meticulous and detailed procedure. The Seiler Evolution Zoom Microscope for Ophthalmology provides a detailed look at all areas of the eye. With advanced features such as enhanced Red Reflex, this microscope is designed to provide accurate imaging during cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, and other precision eye surgeries.

This microscope also features an XY movement pedal, perfect for hands-free operating. In addition to this state-of-the-art microscope with its built-in features, Seiler offers a variety of accessories to improve any surgeon operation. Items that can be added to this microscope include a beam splitter, camera equipment, an assistant teaching head, and Xenon light. All Seiler Microscopes feature APOchromatic lenses, LED illumination, and an ergonomic sitting position for superior comfort.



The Seiler Ophthalmology ZOOM surgical microscope incorporates an elegant design and superior optical quality, to offer excellent deep focus with a distorting-free image.


Seiler Red Reflex
Highly Optimized Red Reflex System

Seiler red reflex has been developed and incorporated into the Seiler microscope to provide perfect illumination in any surgical situation, with excellent colour, contrast and deep focus performance.


Without Red Reflex

With Red Reflex



Apochromatic Optics
Excellent contrast and definition
Exceptional depth of focus
High light transmission enabling work in low lighting conditions
Residual aberration corrections to improve image quality

Bright Illumination
Bright and stable red reflux
Large illumination field, 60mm
Blue and red-free filters available
Quick and precise bulb change mechanism
LED Illumination

Robust and stable
Smooth, precise movement
Integrated braking system

Advanced Electronic System
Automatic, stabilized power source for greater security
Micro focusing and X-Y reset system
System Tested and certified against electronic shocks and EMI

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