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SCHMITZ Patient Trolley STL285

The Patient Transport System for Emergencies, Outpatient Depts., Intensive Care and X-Ray

This lightweight transporter provides excellent manoeuvring facilities, especially when the STL is equipped with a 5th castor (optional). Of solid construction with central locking of castors from all sides. Well-designed with closed surfaces to guarantee optimal cleaning/disinfection. Patient stretcher with a favourable price/performance ratio, a broad
range of accessories and easy handling.

An anti-microbial coating on our STL transport system ensures effective and long-lasting reduction of bacteria, mould and fungi colonisation.

Because of the antimicrobial coating, certain germs are reduced to up to 80% after 15 min and up to 99% within the first two hours.

The use of the antimicrobial coating is an addition to the necessary hygienic processes and increases the protection against potentially harmful microbes. It inhibits growth of a wide spectrum of microorganisms:

  • MRSA
  • E.coli
  • Salmonella
  • Legionella
  • Aspergillus Niger

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No change of your transport system

The transport system does not change on the outside. The anti-microbial coating does not affect its performance capacity.

Long life

The anti-microbial performance does not decrease; it does not wear out; it does not wash off, it will last the lifetime of the product.


The antimicrobial effect is achieved by adding silver ion additives to the coating. This technology works continuously protecting around the clock. No additives containing nano technologies are used.

The coating is colour-neutral and is used in the areas of the transport system which are especially vulnerable and strained with respect to hygiene requirements:

1 Side guards
2 Release button / lever of side guards
3 Push bar and release of the backrest adjustment

Why is an anti-microbial coating sensible?

  • Bacterial diseases are increasing
  • Ever increasing hygiene standards
  • Microbes can be found everywhere
  • Harmful bacteria, such as MRSA,
    can be found even on the most
    clean surface where they can grow
    and pose a threat to our health

Advantages of silver ion technology

  • They are effective against bacteria, mould and fungi
  • Silver ion technology is proven
    effective against resistant strains of bacteria
  • They have a permanent effect, complementing the cleaning process

The anti-microbial coating has been tested to ISO 22196:2011 to substantiate
the reduction of microbes. Only coatings with a minimum reduction of 95 per
cent are approved.

Microbes have a very long stability on untreated surfaces:

Infusion pole
Wide adjustment range, easy locking. Insertion at all 4 corners. Max. telescopic height: approx. 1,050 mm above the top.

Side guards
Foldable side guards, easy and safe handling, solid and hygienic construction, no danger of accidental crushing. Folding down to below height of padded surface.

Push bar
One-piece, full-width, one-hand action/moving of the transporter.

Chassis and upper part features – smooth and sealed coated plastic sheets for optimal hygienic cleaning and disinfection. All parts of the side guards are well accessible. Use of antimicrobial coating for the areas of the transport system which are especially vulnerable and strained with respect to hygiene requirements.

Lightweight, with four large castors for easy steering, one with directional locking. Optional 5th castor.

Low basic height of 550 mm
More comfort for the patient and hospital staff.

Safe working load up to 300 kg.

With adhesive gel strip at the underside.

To guarantee optimal hygiene, great emphasis was placed on the design lines of the STL frame and mouldings.

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