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Schmitz Diamond Operating Table

Schmitz Diamond Operating Table

Security for operational readiness and patient

A multilevel security system ensures uninterrupted surgical proceedings

Dual-level security system for all table functions

Detachable manual control for a continuously convenient table adjustment (for DIAMOND 40 models: available as an option). Additional manual adjustment with pre-selection dials.

First choose the desired function then trigger the adjustment movement via the foot pedals. Foot pedal on both sides for central locking and activation of the optional directional castor.

Four battery modules in total, grouped in two independent battery blocks, supply sufficient energy for well over 100 surgical interventions. By this means, two energy sources ensure operational readiness of the table and warrant a mains-independent electrohydraulic adjustment of all table functions.

The DIAMOND operating table can be operated even when the mains cable is plugged in. Integrated charging unit, additional selector button at the central delivery point for mains power and battery mode, potential equalization terminal and mains switch. All connections and buttons are splash-proof.

A Soft-Start function that can be switched on and off guarantees an accurate table movement in e.g. spine surgery or in neurosurgery.




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