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Schmitz arco

Schmitz arco

The new generation of gynaecological examination chairs, optimised use, high level of comfort and first class design



In combination with the individually adjustable head cushion attached magnetically to the chair, the head section cushions, back cushions and seat cushions have a special convex shape, offering patients pleasant and comfortable seating.


Designed for a working load of 250kg the chair offers great safety and many treatment options.


Optimised adjustment speed and up to four freely selectable memory positions.


Offers improved access to the examination area.


Concealed castors (optional) make an examination chair a mobile unit, enabling flexible use of the treatment area and room layout.


Level, enclosed areas and the absence of corners and edges make for improved hygienic conditions and easy cleaning.

Workflow leg supports

Workflow foot supports

Foot supports functions

Saving memory positions

Memory position exam

Memory position exit

Exchange of foot and leg supports

Arco for Proctology - Procto to gynae position

Arco for Proctology - Activation of memory position hand control

Arco for Proctology - Rinsing basin

Arco for Proctology - Saving memory position

Arco for Proctology - Exam to exit position

Arco for Proctology - Paper roll

Arco for Proctology - Electromotive adjustments

Arco for Proctology - Workflow with patient

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