Rini RiEye Mk2S Operating Table

Rini RiEye MK2S Operating Table

A high quality operating table for optimum work environment and patient safety in microsurgery

Brand new features

  • Better ergonomics for patients and staff
  • Introducing a more comfortable movement pattern
  • Smaller hand control with enhanced features
  • Backrest can be more angled at 90º to the seat
  • Battery now re-positioned allowing patients to sit or stand

The RiEye Mk2S with its modern attractive design is developed functionally and ergonomically in close collaboration with a number of leading Swedish and international clinics. The table has a wide area of application in both stationary mode or in mobile “rollin roll-out” procedures.

Considerable care has been given to the design of the table and its accessories to improve the freedom of movement for the surgeon and assisting personnel around the patient’s head. The patented weightless headrest is very comfortable for the patient and its unique ergonomic design reduces patient pre-op preparation time. Thanks to smooth surfaces and smart seams as well as cushions that are easy to remove, the table is easy to keep clean and fully hygienic.

The table has a new type of wheel suspension and stands steady even on uneven floors due to the unique adaptive chassis. An ergonomically placed central break locks all four wheels simultaneously in operating mode. When moved, it can also move sideways due to wheels that easily rotate.

The hand control has an intuitive layout with easy choices in function where back leg and seat cushion as well as height can be adjusted individually.



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