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Nella™ products for Pelvic Examination

Ceek - womens health

With a core executive team of women, from experienced designers to healthcare experts, Ceek brings a woman’s perspective to devices used in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology field.

nella - nuspec

The Smarter Reusable Speculum

  • Improved visibility with integrated sidewall retractors
  • Temperature neutral—no need to warm
  • Quiet operation keeps patients at ease
  • Smooth—no lubricant required
  • Strong, autoclavable polymer

Patient and Provider Preferred.

  • Improved cervical visibility for patients with sidewall laxity
  • Increased comfort for all patients, especially adolescent, menopausal or cancer survivors
  • Minimised anxiety and discomfort for first-time or sensitive patients

Use NuSpec for:

General gynaecology exams
IUD insertion & removal
Other in-office procedures

The small and Mighty Speculum Light

  • Shadow-free illumination
  • Fits most specula, metal or plastic
  • Rotates along top bill – not blocked by tools
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination compared to gooseneck light
Nella Vulight

  • Brighter illumination compared to standard gooseneck light
  • Close to cervix placement provides direct illumination even in patients with difficult anatomy, excess tissue or first-time patients
  • Securely reposition along top bill

Use VuLight for:

General gynaecology exams
LEEP procedures
IUD insertions/removals
Other in-office procedures
Emergency Department

The only sleeve designed for a Speculum

  • Retracts vaginal sidewalls
  • Protects vaginal tissue
  • Reduces need for wider specula
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Fits most specula
  • Designed to grip speculum

Improve exams for all patients, including those with sidewall laxity or excess tissue

Use VuSleeve for:

General gynaecology exams
IUD insertion & removal
Other in-office procedures

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