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Lumenis Pulse™ 50H

Lumenis Pulse 50H
  • The Comprehensive Holmium System for Lithotripsy and Soft Tissue
  • Over 130 different energy and frequency settings to address any type or size of stone
  • and soft tissue effectively and rapidly
  • 0.2J of energy per pulse minimizes migration of even the smallest stone
  • Pre-programmed Pulse Reshaping Technology better hemostasis and minimized retropulsion
  • High energy per pulse and high repetition rate (3.5J and 25Hz) enable a rapid
  • fragmentation rate even with harder stones
  • Dual-pedal enables two different working modes operating simultaneously
  • Hands-free ready/standby mode for improved ease of use and minimized cost per procedure

Enhancing Safety
Innovative Pulse Reshaping Technology allows physician to quickly switch to a longer pulse for better hemostasis and minimized retropulsion, especially when high energy is applied. The proprietary settings of the Pulse Reshaping Technology are based on over 20 years of extensive research and experience.

Green aiming beam for enhanced endoscopic visibility.
Holmium is well absorbed in water, penetrates tissue in a clear and controlled manner and prevents charring, necrosis and collateral damage.

Maximizing Return On Your Investment
Lumenis Pulse 50H combined with its new SlimLine 200 D/F/L ball- shaped fiber increases the speed of Lithotripsy and further reduces the cost per procedure.

The combination of different laser parameters allows for over 70 types of approved clinical procedures, including Urology, Arthroscopy, General Surgery, ENT, Gynecology, Gastroenterology and more. The system is validated for the full range
of Lumenis fibers to increase the system's reliability and extend the fiber lifetime.

Focusing On The User Experience
Customizable dual foot pedal enables clinical flexibility to alternate between two different system settings during
the procedure.

Intuitive GUI screen
Intuitive operation with large color graphical user interface. Includes cumulative energy tracking during the procedure and dual settings to control both pedals.

Elegant and suitable design
Floor base tower, designed to optimize OR space utilization. Tower design on wheels is portable and easy to maneuver.

The Comprehensive Solution For Lithotripsy

  • More efficient
  • Reduced cost per procedure
  • The SlimLine 200 D/F/L ball-shaped fiber can pass through a fully deflected scope, avoiding the need to advance the fiber through the flexible scope, resulting in reduced procedure time.

The fiber's slim core dimension improves accessibility of the fiber to hard-to-reach anatomy.

The enhanced fiber focus mechanism of the Lumenis Pulse 50H extends the lifespan of this uniquely
designed fiber and minimizes the cost per procedure.

The rounded tip of the fiber minimizes damage to the scope during insertion, thereby enhancing scope protection.

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