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Lumenis Digital Duet and Digital Trio

Explore Infinite Potential.

Introducing the first and only all-in-one digital dual-path ophthalmic laser platform that can capture live images/videos while connecting seamlessly with your documentation and EMR systems. The Digital Duet/Trio opens the door to a new era in laser therapy – one where live viewing and the seamless integrated connectivity of the digital image/video become the cornerstone of care.

Illuminating the Future Since the Beginning

With 50+ years of experience, Lumenis is known for developing the gold standards in ophthalmology practice – Lumenis Duet/Trio is the preferred choice by dozens of leading academic institutions. As the first company to bring an all-in-one digital SLT/YAG platform to your practice, Lumenis continues that long tradition of offering superior products today and pioneering the next evolution of products for tomorrow.

Reimagine Your Practice.

The Digital Duet/Trio is the most advanced digital laser therapy platform that, for the first time, enables simple upload of digital image/video data and automated laser log reporting directly to your documentation and EMR systems*. This not only saves time, but with CPT codes for imaging, practices are also given an additional revenue stream opportunity.

Digital Duet/Trio connectivity also minimizes staff and administrative time. Through unique digital capabilities, the Lumenis team of expert engineers can offer direct remote support as needed, ensuring minimal downtime for your practice and allowing you to do what you do best: diagnose and treat.

* Connectivity is through a repository folder with a compatible format between the Digital Duet device and most EMR systems.

Reimagine Patient Care.

Lumenis state-of-the-art optics have been the backbone of the most advanced laser devices in the industry. And with unmatched technological capabilities, an HD camera,
a best-in-class user interface, and crisp voice recording, the Digital Duet/Trio will quickly become the centrepiece of your practice.


Superior Clinical Benefit and Safety

  • SLT is the #1 choice for first-line glaucoma treatment compared to drops1
  • The super-gaussian beam profile results in lower optical breakdown, enabling the
    same photodisruptive effect with safer and lower total energy2
  • Digital image/video capabilities allow you to document pathologies such as scars,
    ulcers, and dislocated implants
  • And the DIGITAL TRIO includes a retinal care photocoagulator, Smart532 with
    SmartPulse sub-threshold technology, ensuring maximal efficacy with minimal
    collateral damage

Patient Comfort and Ease

  • First-line use of SLT ensures fewer office visits, less exposure to others, and lower risk for your patients
  • Lumenis ADA-approved devices offer greater patient comfort and the optimal wheelchair-accessible solution to serve patients with disabilities for whom SLT/YAG would not be possible outside of their wheelchairs SmartPulse sub-threshold technology, ensuring maximal efficacy with minimal collateral damage

Effective Communications

  • Digital images demonstrating the pathology and live video during treatment enable patient to feel more at ease with the process
  • A premium report automatically summarizing treatment allows you to have more detailed, transparent, and comprehensible conversations with patients about their condition and therapy

Featuring the Lumenis Groundbreaking

  • Titratable on-axis/off-axis illumination
  • Increased visualization during posterior capsulotomy and laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI)
  • Illumination of vitreous opacities
  • Optimized control of red-reflex


Nathan Radcliffe, MD
New York Eye Surgery Centre
Mount Sanai School of Medicine

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