Lumenis Digital AcuBlade

Lumenis Digital AcuBlade

The new Digital AcuBlade from Lumenis represents a leap forward in otolaryngology. It is a revolutionary scanning laser delivery system that adds robotic capabilities to microsurgery.

This new generation in CO2 laser microsurgery combines the SurgiTouch computerized laser scanning system with an operating microscope, enabling highly uniform, user-defined incision length and penetration depth with reduced operating time and safety enhancements.

Simplified procedures

Using the Digital AcuBlade for vocal surgery accelerates healing time and diminishes the occurrence of complications.

Digital AcuBlade has revolutionized vocal cord surgery and is useful in other specialized otolaryngology procedures, such as Zenker’s Diverticulum. With the new Digital AcuBlade system for robotic laser microsurgery, Lumenis continues its commitment to developing innovative products for ENT specialists.

• 30% reduction in operating time compared to conventional CO2 microsurgery
• Dramatic simplification of procedures with minimal bleeding

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