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ExactVu™ is a revolution in prostate cancer diagnosis

The ExactVu micro-ultrasound system is a true breakthrough in ultrasound resolution. The system operates at 29 MHz. That translates to a 300% increase in resolution over conventional ultrasound systems and resolution comparable to MRI.

Originally developed to visualise microscopic pre-clinical targets, the ExactVu system enables resolution of 70 microns or 0.07 of a millimeter. Because prostate cancer is a diffuse disease, urologists can use this “micro‑ultrasound” to see new levels of detail in the prostate including differentiating and discerning suspicious features that aren’t visible at conventional frequencies.

The ExactVu micro-ultrasound system allows the urologist to carefully visualise, characterise and then target suspicious regions for biopsy — all in real-time, in their office, and with micro-ultrasound.

EDAP ExactVU machine
EDAP ExactVU product

Micro-ultrasound system for real‑time targeted prostate biopsies

A revolution in ultrasound resolution, operating up to 29 MHz
ExactVu’s resolution is comparable to MRI and provides a 300% improvement in resolution over conventional ultrasound

Unmatched real-time resolution
Visualise suspicious regions and target biopsies in real-time

PRI-MUS™ (Prostate Risk Identification using Micro-Ultrasound) scale for characterising prostate tissue
Evidence-based scale to help quickly identify low risk or suspicious regions and target biopsies accordingly

Visualise clinically-significant details and tissue characteristics

ExactVu scan image

*Gleason 8 Lesion (4+4, 60%) verified by pathology

The world’s first 29MHz micro-ultrasound system

Breakthrough High-Resolution 29 MHz Transducer
World’s first high-resolution transducer enabling unmatched resolution and visualisation of the prostate and the surrounding anatomy.

Complete urological platform. World’s first system supporting both high-resolution and conventional transducers
29 MHz transducer for targeted and systematic biopsy procedures.
Conventional resolution transducers for abdominal imaging (kidney and bladder) and large prostate procedures.

DICOM Compatibility
DICOM compatibility for access to patient files and data.

ExactVu Platform Expandable for Forthcoming Modes and Applications
The current ExactVu hardware platform will be forward compatible to support forthcoming modes and applications.

Multi-Function Touch Screen for Advanced Features
Advanced settings, image controls and extended parameters are easily accessible.

Same Hardware Platform for FusionVu™
The same ExactVu hardware platform is used for FusionVu. No additional hardware needs to be purchased, learned or supported.

Sigmacon are proud to be exhibiting at #BAUS22 showcasing the P120 with Moses, Edap ExactVU, iMove and Allium stents, please stop by we would love to talk to you.

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