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Bluescan™ ENT

Blue laser, the new era in ENT
Maximum versatility and flexibility

The growing demand for contact and non-contact surgical procedures that cause less necrosis has driven the development of this new surgery system that provides
greater accessibility than a CO2 laser

  • High cutting power
  • Great absorption by hemoglobin (highly hemostatic)
  • Incisions with high coagulation and moderate necrotic band
  • High hemostatic capacity in interstitial mode
  • Thanks to the highly flexible fiber (300, 400, 600 μm) it reaches areas previously unreachable with an articulated arm or a CO2 waveguide
  • Increase the range of applications
  • Low cost fibers: autoclavable



Blue diode laser

Bluescan™ ENT is our new compact laser unit that brings together many of the benefits of a “CO2 + KTP” set for cutting, coagulation, interstitial vaporization and bloodless surgery. It incorporates the benefit of a very sharp and haemostatic scalpel within extremely flexible fiberglass.

The main benefit of a laser is the ability to produce an effect on tissue without any contact. Each wavelength has its own characteristics, target tissues, and provides a predictable and repeatable effect.

  • In surgery we look for a tool that cuts like a scalpel, without the side effect of bleeding.
  • Very often we want to benefit from coagulation and its respect for the surrounding tissue
  • Sometimes a treatment simply requires going through the water without heating it and reaching its goal.

Greater efficiency

Bluescan™ ENT allows you to make a cut similar to CO2 laser while coagulating, in turn, more than a KTP laser thanks to its maximum absorption by the oxyhemoglobin and its permeability in water.


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