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Allium Medical Urological Stents

Allium Medical Urological Stents

For the effective long term treatment of urinary tract strictures and optimised patient comfort

Allium Medical has developed and manufactures unique site specific, patient friendly and fully covered stents for the treatment of urinary and biliary systems.

This latest generation of stents addresses and solves the unmet needs and common problems still found in many stents today.

The Allium Stent range

  • Ureteral Stent
  • Triangular Prostatic Stent
  • Round Posterior Urethral Stent
  • Bulbar Urethral Stent

Benefits for the Practitioner and Patient

  • Approved for up to 36 months indwelling time
  • Easy insertion and simple removal
  • Maximum patient comfort
  • No tissue in-growth and encrustation
  • Reduced migration

Ureteral Stent (URS)

Allium’s Uteral stents are self-expanding large caliber stents 8mm and 10mm in diameter made of a super elastic alloy, covered by a polymeric material for preventing tissue ingrowth.

The stents are intended for temporary long or short-term use in malignant of benign chronic Ureteral Stenosis.  They are mounted on a ready to use 8Fr or 10Fr delivery system.  By using the appropriate delivery system their deployment procedure can be performed either retrogradely or percutaneously.

Round Posterior Stent (RPS)

From patients undergoing Radical Prostatectomy for localised prostate cancer, up to 18-20% develop urethro-vesical anastomotic stenoses.  Similar stenoses may develop after radical cysto-prostatectomy for bladder cancer.  Bladder-neck stenosis may develop after TURP or thermotherapy for BPH; posterior urethral stricture may develop after prostate brachytherapy.  There are no adequate and satisfactory solutions for these strictures, which are managed by palliative dilations.  Reconstructive surgery of these strictures is extremely difficult.

Triangular Prostatic Stent (TPS)

Allium’s prostatic stents have a large caliber triangular cross-section to match the contours of the prostatic urethral lumen and have the ability to exert varying degrees of radial force, depending on the anatomy.  For example, high radial force in its main body and lower radial force in the area near the external spincter to prevent sphincteric dysfunction.  These characteristics enable the Allium Prostatic Stents to conform to the prostatic urethra, allow an excellent flow and offer a much improved comfort than existing stents, all these without jeopardising the voluntary continence mechanism. 

Bulbar Stent (BUS)

Allium’s Bulbar Stent is designed specifically for the treatment of recurrent strictures along the bulbar urethra.  They will be the new therapeutic tool in the hands of the Urologist who is not an expert in urethral surgery, but has a case load of recurrent urethral stricture patients to be treated.  Differing from previous stents, they are large in caliber to match the contours of the bulbar urethral lumen.  The main body as as a mold to allow forming a large urethral lumen.  The dynamic sphincteric segment prevents sphincteric dysfunction that may cause incontinence.  The Allium Bulbar Stent is intended for temporary use and is designed to be removed easily and safely even after long indwelling periods.

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