Sony UP-D711MD/ACHG A7 Digital Black & White Thermal Printer

A7 Digital B&W Thermal Printer

  • Extremely compact: 12.5 cm depth
  • DC 12-24V (power supply optional)
  • Compatible Media: UPP-84HG, UPP-84S
  • 1 AC-81MD and 1 roll of UPP-110HG





Light, compact and easy to integrate, the UP-D711MD monochrome digital graphic printer allows medical professionals to product high-quality hard copies of ultrasound scans.

With a footprint of 140mm (W) × 70mm (H) and weighing just 1kg, the A7-size printer reflects latest industry trends towards size reduction of medical systems.

The UP-D711MD is ideal for installation in clinical environments where space is limited or easy portability is required.

Printing on easily replaceable roll paper, it assures extremely high image quality to assist with clear, accurate analysis and interpretation of ultrasound scans. Drawing on more than two decades of experience in medical printing, the UP-D711MD shares the image quality, economy and reliability that are hallmarks of other printers in the Sony range.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.



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