Sony UP-D25MD A6 Digital Colour Printer

A6 Digital Color Printer

  • A6 compatible Media: UPC-24LA (laminated), UPC-21L
  • A7 Compatible Media: UPC-24SA (laminated), UPC-21S




Dry Sublimation to delivery the best image quality.

The UP-D25MD is the successor of the UP-D23MD. Sony’s objective was to manufacture a user friendly printer, to improveimage quality, (up to 423 DPI colour adjustment software) and to provide a large choice of media (standard/lamination).

The UP-D25MD has a more compact design.

  • The UP-D25MD has been developed to fit on to modern endoscopic trolleys with a width of just 212 mm. The foot position is the same as UP-D23MD.
  • User friendly LCD screen and keys are attached to the front panel. Any adjustments you have to make are quick and easy.
  • Dye-sublimation printing with lamination. This printer produces highly durable reports that can be kept and used for a long time. Our intelligent fixed ‘ink to sheet consumption’ technology ensures you never run out of ink while paper remains in the printer.
  • Simple front-loading operation. The UP-D25MD allows for quick and easy replacement of consumable media (including ribbon) even in enclosed spaces. No need to access top, sides or rear.
  • Colour adjustment features. Colours on surgical screens are replicated exactly on your print-out, allowing end-users to consistently interpret events in true colour detail.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.



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