Sony LMD-2110MD 21.5 inch Full HD 2D LCD Medical Monitor

21-inch Full HD medical monitor

  • 220V power supply
  • Foot Stand supplied




Full HD resolution monitor complies with medical safety standards.

The LMD-2110MD monitor features a 21.5-inch LCD panel of full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 10-bit signal processing.

Complying with medical safety standards and EMC standards, the monitor provides a crisp, sharp high definition image.

Input Versatility
The LMD-2110MD is equipped with an analogue video input and output terminals as standard. It also features an HDMI input, which accepts HD signals up to 1080/60P.

In addition, the monitor can input HD/SD-SDI signals using an optional input adaptor.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals.



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