Sony HVO-500MD/SUR (Surgical Version) Medical Recorder

HVO-500MD (Surgcial version)

  • Full HD 1080i Medical Recorder
  • Multiple recording media, HDD/USB/NAS
  • Digital (HDMI & DVI-D) and analog interfaces
  • Still Image Capture and UP-DR80MD printer driver



Support modern workflows with simultaneous full HD video recording to internal drive USB or NAS external media. Enjoy high image quality, reliable recording and long record time, easy operation and flexible integration. Optimised for surgical applications with still image capture.

From patient records to education, training and referral to other physicians, modern medical workflows benefit from the increased convenience and detail offered by Full HD video recording.

The HVO-500MD (Surgical Version) has been designed for use in a wide range of clinical environments, including hospital radiology and operating rooms, surgical centres and doctors’ offices.

Suitable for storing Full HD video from endoscopic, laparoscopic and other compatible surgical imaging systems, the recorder offers extensive connection options with a wide range of current and legacy devices.

Compact, lightweight and silent in operation, the HVO-500MD (Surgical Version) stores Full HD or Standard Definition video on its high-capacity internal hard disk drive. With simple menu selection, video can be recorded at the same time to an external USB drive or network server. This simultaneous recording capability supports modern hospital workflow, providing an extra safeguard against the risk of losing valuable data.

Optimised for surgical applications, the recorder can also capture and play back still images that can be printed using an optional Sony UP-DR80MD colour printer.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.



As part of our bi-weekly video series, this time we have Prof. Puxxedu's latest video, featuring #transoral surgery of benign #laryngeal lesions.

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