Sony CCMA-2DAR Camera Adapter

2D camera adapter for MCC-1000MD

  • Compatible with widely used surgical microscopes
  • Compatible with 4K video cameras
  • Excellent imaging performance


Designed for use in Operating Rooms, examination rooms and similar clinical environments, this optional adapter attaches compatible medical cameras such as the Sony MCC-1000MD to surgical microscopes.

This enables acquisition and recording of 2D video images during procedures such as brain surgery and ophthalmic surgery. The CCMA-2DAR is compatible with widely used surgical microscopes. Excellent imaging performance also allows compatibility with compatible 4K video cameras.

An iris ring allows easy manual adjustment of aperture. Focus can be adjusted manually on the adapter itself, or using the supplied wired remote controller.



Great to see Consultant Sonographer @pam_soundwaves & the team at Castle Hill Hospital @HullHospitals trained by @SteveLSigmacon on their @SchmitzSoehne Arco-matic Chair with @kyra_medical Stirrups. This is for the new LATP Prostate Biopsy Service.

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