A.R.C. is a laser technology company, specialising in the medical field. The origin of this family-owned business from Nuremberg, Germany, goes back to1978, when Gisela and Reinhardt Thyzel founded Meditec GmbH.

With the first Nd:YAG laser for secondary cataract surgery for commercial use, Rheinhardt Thyzel  set a milestone in the Ophthalmology.  Soon afterwards the Meditex Excimer Laser (MEL) for refractive eye treatment followed.  The successor of this model, the MEL80 from Carl Zeiss Meditec, embodies even by today the extraordinary innovative strength.

Since A.R.C. Laser GmbH was found in 1996, the Thyzel Family started a highly innovative business, dedicated to the development of laser based solutions for gentle and effective surgeries and treatments.




Tel: +44 (0)20 8950 9501


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