ND:YAG Lasers in Ophthalmology | Ophthalmic Lasers

ND:YAG Lasers can used in Ophthalmology for performing Posterior Capsulotomy, Pupillary Membranectomy and Iridotomy procedures

There are numerous applications for ND:YAG lasers in ophthalmology. These include treating posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery, creating a peripheral iridotomy in patients with narrow angles or angle-closure glaucoma. Ophthalmic YAG lasers may also be used for cutting the anterior capsule for capsular block syndrome and capsular phimosis, as well as cutting vitreous strands in the anterior chamber.

ND:YAG lasers for opthalmology should be considered as part of a wider opthalmic solution for your application. Sigmacon offers a suite of ophthalmology supplies to support medical professionals in the treatment of eye disorders and provides the expertise for ensure you are making an informed decision.

Before the cost of a ND:YAG laser for ophthalmology can be determined, it's important to speak to a ophthalmic solution specialist. Email or call the solutions specialists at Sigmacon to get the cost of the right ND:YAG laser to suit your application.

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