Sony LMD-2760MD 27-inch Full HD 2D LCD Medical Monitor with Digital Input

£ 3,856.00

27-inch Full HD Medical OptiContrast™ LCD monitor

  • OptiContrast™ anti-reflective High Contrast display
  • High Brightness LED backlight
  • Dragontail™ Glass front surface
  • IPX5 (front)
  • Digital Inputs / Outputs ONLY




Full HD 27″ (69cm) LCD Monitor with advanced OptiContrast™ Panel and Digital Input.

The tough, high brightness 27″ (69cm) LCD panel features an advanced anti-reflective technology that reduces internal and external reflections to optimise image contrast and helps provide surgeons and staff with high-quality viewing during operations.

Surgeons and operating room staff can view Full HD images from a wide range of medical imaging systems with this high quality LCD monitor.

The stylish LMD-2760MD displays High Definition 2D colour images from surgical endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems.

Flexible operation is enhanced with a choice of PIP/POP picture modes and a convenient image flip function. An intuitive guided user interface assists with simple fingertip operation.

Digital interfaces simplify connection with a wide range of High Definition and Standard Definition imaging sources.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals.





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